Be accurate when checking the weight distribution. You should ensure the tow vehicle and the RV are well connected. The Rv is likely to sway if there is no balance.
15. Check your brake controllerdiv>
It is essential to test your brake controller if it is working effectively. Doing a thorough check will minimize the occurrence of jackknifing.
16. Know the RV’s Heightdiv>
The last thing you want is to destroy your trailer. It is vital to consider the height of the RV especially if you have to pass under a bridge.
17. Turn naturallydiv>
Turning a trailer can be easy when done carefully. Always be slow and confident.
18. Tow using the right lanesdiv>
Whenever its possible stick to the paths at the right. Using the right side of the lanes will help travel at ease.
19. Go at your own pacediv>
It can seem like the towing is too slow. It is better to travel in one piece by driving in the most leisurely pace possible to avoid accidents.
20. Be Confident in yourselfdiv>
Confidence will help you when towing. Ensure you are confident enough to ensure a smooth trip.

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Top 20 RV Towing Tips

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