The Mini Cowley is a dream come true for the mini fanatics and can be custom ordered based on the alpha model by BMW-MINI. This Mini Camper is eco-friendly with its build in solar panels which power your trailer’s appliances. The kitchenette has a beautiful tile extension as well as stainless steel appliances. The tinted windows and the comfy mattress included in this deal ensures a good night sleep. The flat screen TV and the two large speakers are all the entertainment you will need.
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4- Hut

4- Hutte Hut


Not only does this Mini Camper Trailer has a unique interior, but the wood grain exterior is also an eye-catcher. The clean white canvas roof is supported by wooden beams and the interior is spacious enough and includes a double bed.

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 5- Scam

 5- Scamp Travel Trailers

aspect about this Mini Camper is that it is very customizable and you can style it according to your desire. It measures about 13 feet and is not just mobile but very light as well. This small structure is so light that it easy enough to tow behind even smaller cars.

The kitchen in the trailer comes with a gas stove installed. There is enough space for four people in the sitting area and not only can one of the area be converted into a double bed but the other area is convertible to bunk bed too. So you don’t have to carry those hefty sleeping bags with you.
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DIY Micro Camper

DIY Micro Camper Trailer

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